People Skills

People skills training for Engineering Managers and Supervisors

  • "Managing for Excellence": Management Development Programme (6 days) - Raises the skills, knowledge and competencies of the management/supervisory team to achieve industry best practice. Includes sessions on recruiting engineers professionally, motivation and delegation, leadership styles and managing all types of staff from service engineers to engineering support staff
  • "I would like to say that the way in which Nick conducts the sessions is very enjoyable. He manages to make us feel like a real group and he doesn't behave like a distant lecturer way from the group, he joins in and that makes us feel comfortable to share our points of view and actively contribute to the sessions as much as we can."
    - Supervisor course delegate feedback 2014
  • "Performance Appraisal Skills" (1 day) - Equips Managers and Supervisors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out effective and constructive performance appraisals including the importance of preparation, questioning and listening skills, realistic feedback, setting SMARTA objectives and handling underperformance.